Known to Money Pink Floyd Bass Tab

Money Pink Floyd Bass Tab is a classic rock song that was released in 1973 as part of their Dark Side of the Moon album. The bass line for this song is a quick, syncopated pattern with open strings and occasional notes from the fretboard. It’s an essential component of the overall sound of the song.

To play this on bass guitar, use your picking hand to pluck each note or chord separately while keeping time with your strumming hand. Start off by playing through all four notes in sequence before moving onto more complicated patterns like double stops and slides up and down the neck. With practice, you’ll be able to recreate Money’s iconic bass line perfectly!

Money is one of Pink Floyd’s most iconic songs, and its bass line is just as memorable. If you’re looking to learn how to play the song on your own instrument, there are plenty of resources available online that provide free Money Pink Floyd bass tab. With these tabs, you can work through the entire song at your own pace and get a feel for this classic tune.

Money Pink Floyd Bass Tab


How Do You Play Money on Pink Floyd Bass?

Playing Money on Pink Floyd bass is quite simple:

• Tune your bass to E-flat.

• Play the main riff for 8 bars, which is simply a descending low Bb note followed by an Ab and G note.

• Then play 4 bars of Bb, Eb, F, and D chords in eighth notes with some slides thrown in between.

• Lastly play the ending parts of each verse as quarter notes on the same pattern used before but with an added A note at the end. This simple yet classic song will sound great if you follow these steps!

What Does R Mean in Bass Tabs?

R in bass tabs stands for a rest. A rest is a brief pause in the musical phrase when no notes are played. Rest can be written in many different ways, including:

– R or r = 1/4 note rest – RR or rr = 1/2 note rest – RRR or rrr = 3/4 note rest

– RRRR or rrrr = full measure (whole) rest. These symbols indicate how long of a break should be taken between notes and can help create interesting rhythms in your playing.

Money Pink Floyd Bass Tab

What is the Best Site for Bass Tabs? is the best site for bass tabs. It offers an extensive collection of accurate, user-submitted bass tablatures ranging from classic rock to modern metal. Here are some impressive features:

* Easy navigation – tabs are organized by genre, artist, and album name, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

* User ratings – users can rate each tab, giving you a good idea of which ones are most reliable and accurate.

* Chords & lyrics – many tabs include chords and lyrics along with the tablature itself.

Overall, is an excellent resource for all levels of bass players looking for quality bass tablatures quickly and easily.

Money Pink Floyd Bass Tab

What are the Most Used Bass Notes?

The most commonly used bass notes include root, fifth, octave and seventh.

* Root: The note that the chord is named after.

* Fifth: A strong harmonic connection to other chords in a progression.

* Octave: Twice the frequency of the root note and gives depth to a part.

* Seventh: Enhances the tension of a chord progression or melody line. These four basic notes provide an essential foundation for any bass line, allowing you to create interesting and dynamic parts with ease.

Pink Floyd – Money // BASS COVER + Play-Along Tabs

Easy Money Bass Tab

The Easy Money bass tab is a great resource for beginner bassists. It offers an easy-to-follow guide to playing the iconic song by Motörhead and provides helpful tips on how to play each note accurately. With this tab, you can get up and running quickly while learning some of the fundamentals of bass guitar playing.


In conclusion, Money by Pink Floyd is a great song to learn if you are interested in learning how to play bass. The bass tab for the song is easy to read and understand, making it a perfect starting point for any aspiring bassist. With some practice, the catchy riffs of Pink Floyd’s iconic track can be mastered relatively quickly.

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