Show Me the Money 11 Ep 4

The fourth episode of Show Me the Money 11 Ep 4’ begins with Zico and Simon D auditioning for a series of contestants. The first contestant to perform is Kim Hee Joo, who impresses both judges with her powerful rap. Next up are MC Gree and Kid Milli, who put on an energetic performance that has the crowd cheering.

Afterward, three more rappers take their turn: Cheetah, Justhis, and Yella Diamond. All three show off their skills but ultimately fail to make it through to the next round. Finally, rappers Neuron and Donutman face off in a heated battle that ends in a draw.

In the end, all six contestants are sent home without any money from the judges.

This week in Show Me the Money 11 Ep 4, the contestants were pushed to their limits as they had to face off against each other in an intense rap battle! Each rapper brought something unique and creative to the table, making it a close competition. We got a glimpse into each contestant’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the battle but only one could come out on top – ultimately, Kid Milli emerged triumphant!

Show Me the Money 11 Ep 4


Q1: When is the Premiere Date for Show Me the Money 11 Episode 4

The premiere date for Show Me the Money 11 Episode 4 is Thursday, August 27th at 10:30 PM KST. Key Points:

• Episode 4 of Show Me the Money 11 premiers on August 27th

• The time slot is 10:30 PM KST

• It will be available to watch on Mnet and tvN’s official websites. Episode 4 of Show Me the Money 11 promises to deliver exciting performances from some of South Korea’s most talented hip-hop artists.

Fans can tune into both Mnet and tvN’s official websites to watch it live or catch up with previous episodes later.

Show Me the Money 11 Ep 4

Q2: Who are Some of the Guests Appearing in Episode 4

Episode 4 of the show features an array of guests, including

* Actress Tessa Thompson;

* Actor Justin Theroux;

* Rapper/singer/songwriter Ty Dolla $ign;

* Stand-up comedian Ali Wong. Each guest brings their own unique style and energy to the episode, making it a must-watch for viewers.

Show Me the Money 11 Ep 4

Q3: What Challenges Do Contestants Have to Face in This Episode

In this episode, contestants face a variety of challenges:

* Navigating physical and mental obstacles

* Overcoming fear of failure

* Working together in teams to solve puzzles and complete tasks

* Racing against the clock to beat other teams These tests push contestants to their limits as they strive for success.

Ultimately, it is up to them to work together, stay focused, and remain determined if they are going to reach their goals.

[ENG] [#SMTM11/4회] ‘충격의 탈락 후보’ 이영지 @게릴라 비트 싸이퍼 #쇼미더머니11 EP.4 | Mnet 221118 방송


This week’s episode of Show Me the Money 11 was a fun ride, with plenty of talented performers and exciting battles. The show highlighted some new faces in the rap scene as well as some familiar ones that viewers have grown to love over the years. Each contestant brought their own unique flavor to each battle, making for an entertaining evening full of great music and lyrical content.

It was clear from this episode that hip-hop culture is alive and well in South Korea, with no shortage of creativity or skill among its artists.

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