Money Game Part 2 Lyrics

Money Game Part 2 Lyrics is a rap song by American rapper Nle Choppa. The lyrics of this track are about the artist’s motivation to make money and become wealthy, regardless of any obstacles that may arise. He talks about his ambition to rise above poverty, hustling until he achieves success, and not letting anyone tell him what he can or cannot do.

The chorus emphasizes his determination: “I’ma keep the money coming in like it’s part two / Cut off all them haters cause they ain’t got no clue”. In addition to discussing money-making tactics, Nle Choppa also reflects on how hard work has shaped his outlook on life and how it motivates him to stay focused and motivated despite any setbacks along the way. Overall, Money Game Part 2 Lyrics are an inspiring anthem for those striving towards achieving their dreams in spite of all odds.

“Money Game Part 2” is a song by hip-hop artist Drake that features the catchy chorus: “I made it out of the money game, so I’ma keep on playing.” The lyrics reflect Drake’s journey from struggle to success and his determination to stay ahead in the game. He acknowledges his blessings and celebrates the fact that even though he has achieved financial success, he will never stop striving for more.

This inspiring message resonates with fans who are also looking for ways to make their dreams come true.

Money Game Part 2 Lyrics


What is the Title of the Song Money Game Part 2

Money Game Part 2 is a song by rap artist Playboi Carti. It was released on his 2020 album Whole Lotta Red. The track features an upbeat, catchy beat and boasts some of Carti’s best-known bars.

The song is about the hustle to make money and the importance of taking risks in life. Key Points:

– Song title – Money Game Part 2

– Artist

– Playboi Carti

– Album

– Whole Lotta Red (2020)

– Genre – Rap

Money Game Part 2 is a classic hip-hop banger that highlights Playboi’s lyrical prowess and ambition for success. Its infectious energy will have you singing along, no matter what mood you’re in!

The Title of the Song is “Money Game Part 2” by Kodak Black Featuring Nle Choppa And Mulatto

“Money Game Part 2” is a single by Kodak Black featuring NLE Choppa and Mulatto. It is an upbeat track that focuses on the joys of wealth and success.

* Fast-paced, energetic beat

* Features two prominent rap artists

* Lyrics about money, power, and luxury lifestyle The song celebrates financial success with its catchy hook and lively production.

Its message resonates with many listeners as it talks about how to stay ahead in today’s competitive world.

Money Game Part 2 Lyrics

What are Some of the Lyrics in Money Game Part 2

Money Game Part 2 is a rap song by Lil Baby that features 42 Dugg. The track was released in 2020 as part of the album My Turn and has become a fan favorite. The lyrics to Money Game Part 2 include:

* “I’ma stay with my bread, never let it get away”

* “Diamonds in my watch, I got ’em all today”

* “My money is tall like a tree, they can’t ignore me”

* “Brick on brick we gon’ build this house for sure.” The song speaks about Lil Baby’s success and aspirations for his future wealth. He wants to make sure he keeps what he earns and emphasizes how important it is for him to have material possessions that show off his prosperity.

Some of the Lyrics Include: “I Just Took a DNA Test, Turns Out I’M Rich / All My Diamonds Vvs, Got Me Swimming in This Bitch / Got Money Coming from Everywhere, These Niggas Can’T Miss / Get It Straight to My Pocket When They Slide Through Like a Wrist

The above lyrics are from Cardi B’s song, “Money”. In this track, Cardi B celebrates her newfound wealth and status. The main theme of the song is about being rich and living a luxurious lifestyle.

Some of the key points in the lyrics include:

• I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m rich

• All my diamonds VVS, got me swimming in this bitch

• Got money coming from everywhere, these niggas can’t miss

• Get it straight to my pocket when they slide through like a wrist Cardi B paints an image of affluence with her words as she brags about her lavish possessions and emphasizes that money comes pouring into her pockets effortlessly.

She revels in luxury while reminding listeners that even if they’re not born wealthy there are still ways to obtain financial success.

Money Game Part 2 Lyrics

Who is Featured on Money Game Part 2

Money Game Part 2 features the following artists:

* Young Thug

* Gunna

* Lil Baby

* Travis Scott. These four rappers have each made a name for themselves in the hip-hop industry, and their collaboration on Money Game Part 2 is sure to be a hit.

Money Game Part 2 Features Rappers Kodak Black, Nle Choppa, And Mulatto

The Money Game Part 2 is a rap song that features Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, and Mulatto. It focuses on the importance of money to achieve success in life. The song’s points include:

• Money is essential for achieving dreams and goals

• Everyone should have it as an end goal

• Working hard will pay off sooner or later

Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, and Mulatto come together with their own individual styles and perspectives to deliver this message in an entertaining way. The combination of these three rappers makes the song stand out from other rap songs out there.

Ren – Money Game Part 2 (Kinetic Typography Lyric Video)

Money Game Lyrics

The song “Money Game” by rapper Lil Baby features lyrics that discuss the importance of obtaining financial stability and independence. The chorus emphasizes how money can bring freedom, with Lil Baby rapping about his desire for success and wealth. He also talks about the struggles he faced growing up in an impoverished neighborhood, emphasizing the need to make more money in order to gain a sense of security.

Ultimately, this track serves as a motivating reminder for listeners to focus on their finances and prioritize making smart investments so they can reach their goals.


In conclusion, the Money Game Part 2 lyrics are an excellent example of how music can be used to express powerful messages about societal issues such as money and power. The song’s combination of catchy beats and thought-provoking bars make for a great listening experience that is sure to engage listeners in meaningful discussions about some of today’s most pressing topics.

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