Exploring the Honda Classic Prize Money

The Honda Classic Prize Money for the Honda Classic is determined each year by the PGA Tour. The total purse in 2021 was $7 million with a winner’s share of $1,260,000. The rest of the money is distributed among all players who make the cut and finish in the top 70 spots.

For example, those finishing between second and tenth place will earn anywhere from $756,000 to $252,400 respectively. All other players who complete four rounds and make it through to Sunday will receive at least a minimum amount of around $14,500 dollars.

The Honda Classic is an annual golf tournament that has been held in Palm Beach County, Florida since 1972. The prize money for the event has grown steadily over the years and this year’s purse totaled $7 million, with the winner taking home a cool $1.26 million. With such a healthy payout, it’s no wonder that some of golf’s biggest names have descended on South Florida to compete in this prestigious event!

Honda Classic Prize Money

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What is the Prize Money for the Honda Classic?

The Honda Classic is a professional golf tournament with a total of $6.7 million in prize money. Below are the details of the prize money:

• Winner – $1,206,000

• Runner-up – $725,200

• Third Place – $465,600

• Fourth Place – $305,400

• Fifth Place – $240,000 The remaining players who make it to the cut will receive at least some amount of reward for their efforts.

What is the Payout for the 2024 Honda Classic?

The payout for the 2024 Honda Classic is currently unknown. However, it can be expected to reflect the recent trends of:

– Increased purses from sponsors

– More money allocated to prize money pools

– Special bonuses for top finishers. As such, the total purse for the event could reach several million dollars.

honda classic prize money
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How Much Did Chris Kirk Win Honda Classic?

Chris Kirk won the Honda Classic in a dramatic playoff, earning $1.098 million in prize money. The breakdown of his winnings is as follows:

– Winner’s share: $1,098,000

– FedExCup Points: 500

– Official World Golf Ranking Points: 64 This was Kirk’s third PGA Tour victory and first since 2014.

He is now ranked 83rd in the world rankings and 15th on the FedEx Cup standings.

honda classic prize money
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What was the Payout for the Liv Golf Tournament?

The payout for the Liv golf tournament was $7 million. Here is a breakdown of the prize money:

• Winner – $1,260,000

• Second place – $756,800

• Third Place – $519,200

• Fourth Place – $407,360

All other players in the top 10 received a minimum of $253,600. This generous amount made it one of the most lucrative golf tournaments in recent years.

2022 Honda Classic Price Money Payouts REVEALED!


In conclusion, the Honda Classic is a prestigious event that rewards its winners with some of the highest prize money in golf. This year’s tournament drew some of the top players in the world and offered an impressive $7 million purse. With such a generous amount available to be won, it is no wonder why this tournament continues to draw big crowds and attract some of the best golfers in the world.

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